Partners Omar Wakil and John Emanoilidis Co-Author Globe and Mail Op-Ed on Foreign Investment and the Trudeau Government

January 30, 2017

Partners Omar Wakil and John Emanoilidis, both co-heads of their respective foreign investment review and M&A practices, have written an op-ed for the Globe and Mail regarding a potential shift from Trudeau’s government towards foreign investment reviews. In the editorial, Wakil and Emanoilidis discuss the role that foreign investment and government oversight of foreign investment plays in the economy, and the importance of “a more open approach to the review of inbound foreign investment” in that role. Expanding on their original article from the Torys Quarterly, Omar and John highlight specific signs that Trudeau’s government is and will be taking a more open and transparent approach to the foreign investment review process in comparison to Harper’s previously conservative government. Below is an excerpt from the article.

…there is good reason to believe an about-face is under way, and it is not just related to the recent high-profile reassessment of the O-Net case. The Liberal government is also opting to provide much-welcomed guidance on its approach to national-security reviews, to raise net-benefit review thresholds significantly and to streamline the approach to reviews of investments in certain “cultural” businesses.

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