Lara Guest Discusses Increasing Privacy Violations Online with CBC

January 31, 2017

In relation to a radio interview with CBC, Lara Guest is featured in an article examining the issue of violations of privacy online. The issue of non-consensual distribution of content has come under growing scrutiny in light of the Jane Doe v. N.D. case—a case Lara is representing with a Torys team including colleague Molly Reynolds—in which the defendant posted explicit content online without the plaintiff’s consent. Lara gives her insight in an excerpt below.

Another expert, a Toronto-based lawyer specializing in privacy litigation, says it's a growing problem across the country.

"It's unfortunately becoming increasingly common just because of changes in the way we use technology, changes in the way we use social media," said Lara Guest.

"It is becoming a real issue for Canadians."

To read the full CBC article click here.


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