Sharon Geraghty Discusses the Latest Dealmaking Trends in Financial Post M&A Roundtable

October 04, 2016

A roundtable discussion on Canadian M&A activity released by the Financial Post features partner Sharon Geraghty. Sharon shares her perspective on issues holding sway over M&A, including evolving regulatory scrutiny, Brexit, private placements as defensive tactics, and more. Below is an excerpt of the discussion.

SG: There’s a real concern with the impact of globalization on communities and big groups of people who are quite disillusioned that the wonders of globalization are not impacting them. What’s impacting them is economic uncertainty and in many cases dislocation.

FP: That’s certainly an issue for politicians and regulators. But how much is that being thought about at the boardroom level?

SG: I think a lot, and well beyond the M&A context. The mood of shareholders is still the primary factor for boards. But boards are also very aware of political uncertainty, how their regulators will look at deals, how that will impact growth and how that will impact things post-deal.

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