Globe and Mail spotlights Torys Legal Services Centre for innovation in the legal industry

September 08, 2016

The Halifax-based Torys Legal Services Centre is designed to support the firm on a range of essential corporate services we provide to clients (you can learn more about the LSC here). In a feature article, the Globe and Mail interviewed Managing Partner Les Viner and partner Christopher Fowles, who leads the LSC, for their perspective on the LSC's successes since its launch in 2015 and how the model responds to the changing landscape of client service in the legal industry.

Below is an excerpt of the article.

Asked whether the Halifax outpost is profitable, Mr. Viner said: “We don’t measure it. It is not unprofitable, but in a firm of our size, six to 20 lawyers aren’t going to move the dial one way or another, frankly.”

He insists that success is about more than the bottom line. It is also about client satisfaction and positive word of mouth.

Amy Hastings, an in-house lawyer at startup Inc., is one of those happy customers. “It seemed like a small-firm approach at a big firm,” she said, after the LSC handled due diligence for a recent acquisition.

That’s no accident.

[Partner Christopher] Fowles met with his colleagues at Torys who had worked on due diligence to map out the best way to do it, opting for a methodical approach to roll out across the firm. These checklists and process maps “are eventually going to save us time because they are going to make sure the focus is right,” Mr. Fowles said.

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