Second Annual Torys-Rotman Business Leadership Program a Resounding Success

May 16, 2016

Torys - Rotman Business Leadership Program 2016

On May 13, the second annual Torys-Rotman Business Leadership Program was successfully completed. The overall program—from the preeminent faculty, thought-provoking content and social engagement with participants across our offices—was exceptional. A combination of interactive lectures, group work, simulated training exercises, presentations and social events were designed to help participants develop and hone their business and leadership potential in a challenging and engaging way.

Here is what members of the class of 2016 had to say:

"The program was an enriching personal and professional experience. True to the firm's culture of collaboration, the program brought together lawyers from multiple offices and practice groups to learn not only how to be better leaders within the firm, but also how our clients think about issues on the business side.‎ We typically spend most of our time on substantive legal matters so the exposure to business and leadership skills in the program was valuable professional development."

—Jamie Becker

"The course provided an extraordinary opportunity to learn from and interact with leading Rotman faculty members. The curriculum was thought-provoking and encouraged us to think about the business of our clients and our professional careers in new ways. It was a rewarding experience and demonstrates our firm’s commitment to investing in its people."

—Peter Danner

"The Rotman program was a great reminder that our jobs are more than just dealing with the black-letter law. Torys is a business and the Leadership Program forced us to think about it as such. The professors were top notch and encouraged each participant to set goals for their desired role within the business and to develop strategies to get there."

—Leah Dickie

"The Rotman-Torys Business Leadership Program was invaluable in that it made us consider problems relevant to the legal profession through a non-legal lens, and provided the tools to do so. Moreover, the program embodied in a very meaningful way the firm’s commitment to our professional development."

—Huw Evans

"Beyond learning new skills and new ways to consider existing skills, I found the program to be hugely beneficial for two reasons. First, it made me think strategically about the firm as a business, and how we can improve the business of the firm through the work we do. I think we all focus so much on providing excellent work for our clients that we can forget there are a whole host of other issues that the firm is considering and improving all the time. Second, it was great to spend time with my colleagues in Corporate and in the other offices, to strengthen connections I know I'll need in the future."

—Gillian Dingle

"The Program provided practical and insightful concepts that will be invaluable in helping me better understand and interact with our clients, thus allowing myself and my other program participants to deliver the best service possible to our clients."

—Konata Lake

"As participants, we were the first to benefit from the Torys-Rotman Business Leadership course, but going forward, the firm and our clients will benefit alongside us."

—Adam Slavens

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