Tyson Dyck Weighs in on Paris Agreement in The Lawyers Weekly

January 21, 2016

The Paris Agreement, the latest multilateral effort to address and contain the destructive effects of climate change, has elicited reaction from industry stakeholders who contrast the gains and potential pitfalls of this pact with its forerunner, the Kyoto Protocol. Partner Tyson Dyck, who has deep expertise in the area of climate change, was sought for comment by The Lawyer’s Weekly on the terms of the Agreement. Below is an excerpt of the article.

"It's not perfect," said Tyson Dyck, a Toronto-based partner in the environmental group with Torys LLP, who noted that the Paris Agreement sets several aspirational targets that are non-binding, in contrast to Kyoto, whose targets were supposed to be binding.

"So you might look at it and think that this really doesn't hold its weight," added Dyck.

"But it does fix a lot of the problems that we've seen in the past with the Kyoto Protocol that led to the ultimate failure of that protocol to really produce emissions reductions."

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