Torys-Rotman Inaugural Business Leadership Program a Huge Success

June 30, 2015

Rotman Torys Class 2015

On June 19, the inaugural Torys-Rotman Business Leadership Course was successfully completed. The program was exceptional and very well-received by all participants. A combination of interactive lectures, group exercises, a 360-degree assessment and social events were designed to help participants develop their business and leadership potential in a challenging, thought provoking and engaging way.

Here is what some of our participants had to say:

"With a team approach at the backbone of the firm’s strategy, Torys has always had a great focus on leadership and empowerment in respect of all firm members. The program was a natural extension of this approach and provided a thoughtful and insightful experience with dynamic and creative faculty!”

—R. Bhasin, class of 2015

"I really enjoyed the Rotman-Torys Business Leadership Program. It provided me with additional tools and new ways of thinking about strategy, leadership and negotiations in a practical business context, adapted to Torys' needs. The program was very well organized and the dedicated faculty made it fun and interesting to go "back to school". Most of all, the program provided a wonderful opportunity to interact with colleagues from different offices, many of whom I hadn't had the chance to meet before. Seeing them a few days a month over the course of the program, in both an academic and social setting, helped weave bonds that will last far beyond the program's end.”

—G. Bertrand, class of 2015

"The course was valuable in the sense that it gave us insight into new ways of thinking about ourselves and our careers in a way that we would not have received in the boardroom.”

—L. Duke, class of 2015

"The program was invaluable because it made me aware of so many concepts that are highly relevant to my professional role. These include the distinction between leadership and management, the essence of a strategic plan, and strategies for negotiating, communicating and influencing. The faculty was phenomenal, and most had developed and written about the concepts they were conveying.”

—P. Aziz, class of 2015

We look forward to partnering with Rotman again next year to once again deliver this excellent program!

To learn more about the Torys-Rotman Business Leadership course, click here.

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