Dany Assaf on Global Market Regulation: "Business Needs to Step Up"

June 17, 2015

Competition authorities are on the front lines investigating new issues arising from the rapid evolution of global commerce. Amid an increasingly complex global marketplace, is there a bigger role for business to play in shaping the rules and conventions governing foreign transactions? Partner and co-head of Torys' Competition and Foreign Investment Review Practice Dany Assaf says yes. In an article written for The Globe and Mail, Dany examines the opportunities and complexities presented by today’s global economic markets. Below is an excerpt of the article.

European regulators are taking on shades of a geopolitical role with the investigation of OAO Gazprom for – among other things – excessive pricing in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the investigation of Google in a United States-European Union Internet antitrust battle. These new wars are about which companies (Google Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., Apple Inc.) and which issues (net neutrality, security, privacy, convenience) will define the Internet. As a result, we see competition law having to become, almost by default, a first point of hard contact for many of these questions.

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