Torys' Lawyers Comment on the Private Equity Market in Lexpert

April 10, 2015

As in 2014, Canada’s private equity (PE) market activity is expected to stride ahead at a steady pace this year. In an examination of Canada’s PE market, Lexpert sought the perspectives of Torys’ Private Equity Practice head, Michael Akkawi, and Capital Markets lawyers Derek Flaman and David Seville. The lawyers shed light on factors promoting activity within the Canadian PE space, including having well-differentiated domestic firms and an increased focus on a range of transaction sizes. Below is an excerpt of the article.

“Private equity in Canada is very sophisticated, well developed, competitive and clearly delineated because we know who the players are,” [Michael] Akkawi says. “But the fact is that we have knowledgeable private-equity funds in every geographic part of Canada, in most industries, and in all segments of the market by deal size.”

Increasingly, private investors spread their funds among a spectrum of transactions that vary in size.

“Many large private companies have snack brackets in the mid-range market,” says Derek Flaman, Michael Akkawi’s partner in Calgary. “Some would be looking at nothing less than $250 million, some might go as low as $100 million, and some prefer the $750 million range.”

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