Cheryl Reicin Among Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women

14 lawyers in top 100 list of most powerful women

November 26, 2014

Partner and head of the firm’s Life Sciences Practice Cheryl Reicin has been named one of the country’s 100 most powerful women by the Women’s Executive Network. Legal Feeds sought her insight on building careers and relationships in an article on the recently released list.

Below is an excerpt of the article.

Firms are starting to understand if they want to keep people they have to be flexible during certain times, says Cheryl Reicin, a partner and head of the technology and life sciences practice groups, at Torys LLP. She splits her time between Toronto and New York.

“I find you balance it differently at different times of your life,” says Reicin, who works with a lot of startup companies. “We see all companies, law firms, and accounting firms trying to get their arms around this. It’s so expensive — we spend so much time and effort to get the best and the brightest and train them. We need to also keep them.”

Reicin started a non-profit career mentoring organization called Genesis and believes strongly in mentorship but says many mistakenly see it as a panacea for their careers.

“I think having a mentor really helps everyone. If we can give back in that way you really see a lot of benefit,” she says, but, “I do think people have to be realistic. Every person is different and needs to craft their own life. Sometimes I find people are disappointed they haven’t found that one person who they want to emulate. It’s often unrealistic to find that person.”

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