Financial Post Seeks Sylvie Rodrigue's Insight on Global Class Actions

Waiting for class actions without borders

November 26, 2014

Class actions are common to North America—but speculation on what international class actions might look like is emerging as societies become increasingly intertwined. Partner and leading class actions litigator Sylvie Rodrigue was sought by the Financial Post for comment on her take on the many considerations involved in class actions with an potentially international scope. Below is an excerpt of the article.

The French law limits the procedure to consumers who’ve purchased items for personal use and limits the type of damages that may be sought. These limits are designed to prevent what European critics see as the excesses that result from the aggressive tactics of the plaintiff-side class action bar in the United States.

There’s a lot of resistance, especially in Europe,” says Sylvie Rodrigue of Torys LLP. “They really don’t want to adopt a class action system that is similar to the one in North America. They are very much opposed to opt-out class actions.”

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