Jump Start Breakfast Program feeds growing minds and builds community

February 12, 2014

Torys’ lawyers and staff seek to give to organizations that improve the quality of the communities in which we live and work. The Jump Start Breakfast Program at George Harvey Collegiate Institute, also known as Jumpstart@GeorgeHarvey, is among those initiatives. From the program’s humble beginnings 13 years ago, Vince McCormack sought to help students be their best at school by targeting a key condition for optimal learning—a nutritious breakfast.

Below is an excerpt of the full article detailing the history on JumpStart@GeorgeHarvey, published here on our Diversity site.

Vince McCormack hasn’t served 130,000 breakfasts all by himself. But for over a decade, he’s been the driving force behind the program that many call the “heart” of George Harvey Collegiate Institute.

Vince came to the school, where he works as a youth worker and counsellor, 13 years ago.

“I noticed right away how many of the kids were coming to school late. Not only that, they were far too often arriving with a ‘breakfast’ of chips or some other kind of unhealthy ‘food substitute’ in their hands.”

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