Dany Assaf comments on Google’s alleged anti-competitive behaviour in the Financial Post

Google Inc facing heat from Competition Bureau over alleged anti-competitive behavior

December 13, 2013

Google’s position as a market leader in online search and some of its practices continue to raise concerns, including from the Competition Bureau. Partner Dany Assaf was sought for comment on the issue in an article in the Financial Post.

Below is an excerpt of the article.

Dany Assaf, a competition lawyer with Torys LLP in Toronto, says this increased scrutiny of Google and the way it provides its online services is similar to the “classic case” of Microsoft Corp.. The software giant was found by the European Union in 2004 to be breaking competition law by abusing its dominant position in the personal computer market.

At the time, as with Google now, Microsoft was the pioneer in that particular technology space when the market became more nuanced.

“[This case] has similarities [to Microsoft] in the sense that we are in the midst of evolution what these online services and offerings provide,” he said.

“With innovative industries — which have little precedent on how the market should be governed — it is difficult to determine whether the market leader has an unfair advantage, or whether there are anticompetitive effects,” Mr. Assaf said.

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