Canadian foreign investment policy should be revisited, says Dany Assaf in the Globe and Mail

Industry Frets Over Proposal on State-Owned Enterprises

May 06, 2013

Federal policy on state-owned enterprises looking to invest in Canada has been a recent subject of controversy in the business world and is the topic of a recent Globe and Mail article in which partner Dany Assaf was sought for comment. Read an excerpt of the article below.

Ottawa’s policy toward state-owned enterprises has narrowed the field of potential buyers, said Dany Assaf, a foreign investment lawyer with Torys LLP who has written on Ottawa’s SOE policy.

"With the challenging economic climate globally and the greater competition for capital, we need to be very targeted and measured in how we apply these SOE guidelines," Mr. Assaf said.

He said foreign companies with close ties to their governments will see new hurdles in Canada, and will need to adjust their investment plans to reflect the higher level of risk and managerial time that would be involved in a Canadian transaction.

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For more about current issues in Canada’s foreign investment policy, Dany Assaf and Rory A. McGillis have written a comprehensive study on the subject, "Foreign Direct Investment and the National Interest: A Way Forward," available here.


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