Versatile Rodrigue leads local Torys office, in Montréal Gazette

Versatile Rodrigue leads local Torys office

April 25, 2013

With our Montréal office approaching its first month of operation, a recent Montréal Gazette story has profiled both the new office and Torys’ Montréal partner Sylvie Rodrigue, calling her "an accomplished class-action and product-liability lawyer" and "a rarity in the legal profession in Canada" – a lawyer who is truly active in both civil and common law matters.

In the article, Rodrigue comments that what sets our Montréal team apart is versatility: "Clients won’t need to have different teams working in each jurisdiction. One can handle both. That’s a big saving." She added that both the challenge of building a new team and the firm’s reputation contributed to her decision to join Torys, remarking that, "They have litigants who are legends in Canada."


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