Cornell Wright among notable Torontonians of Jamaican descent featured in the Toronto Star

Most Torontonians of Jamaican Descent a Boon to the City

November 03, 2012

Over 24 hours on Sept. 19, seven Star journalists tracked 50 GTA residents of Jamaican descent to record their impact on the Toronto region.

Designed to mark Jamaica’s 50th year as an independent island nation, the project uncovered a vibrant, productive collective that’s virtually indispensable to the GTA. Taken together, Jamaicans are not a problem for Toronto; they are a boon.

Wonder boy Cornell Wright, 39, living up to a trajectory that started at North Toronto Collegiate. His Jamaican parents always stressed that he merge his Jamaican upbringing with the politics, culture and public engagement of his birthplace. Now, the lawyer at Torys masterminds the largest corporate mergers in Canadian history. He’s (also) actively engaged in the diversity efforts and community initiatives at Torys.

"This is where we live," Cornell says. "Our parents and grandparents earned all of that so we can be fully engaged in all aspects of Canadian life. I believe we are in a transition period . . . There’s a critical mass of people achieving great success in their field. You’ll see more people emerge from our community and play a critical role in the city. Our parents created opportunities for us. We are well-positioned to do exciting things."

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