Patrick Flaherty weighs the legal risks and benefits of cloud computing for libraries, in American Libraries, The Magazine of the American Library Association

IFLA Focuses on Cloud

August 14, 2012

The second full day of programming at the conference sponsored by the International Federation of Library and Associations and Institutions also featured a well-attended session on "Cloud Computing: Its Impact on Privacy, Jurisdiction, Security, Lawful Access, Ownership, and Permanence of Data," sponsored by the Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters and featuring panelists Patrick Flaherty and Christine Runnegar, both attorneys, and technology guru Clifford Lynch.

Flaherty talked about "whether to cloud or not to cloud" and said that "jurisdictional uncertainty should not deter anyone from harnessing the benefits of what the cloud can provide." His assessment of benefits and risks included specific recommendations for librarians and a checklist of contract considerations.

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