Janan Paskaran provides advice to law students in Lexpert Law Student and Associate Recruitment Guide

What lawyers really wish they had been taught in law school

July 25, 2012

Ask a random group of lawyers what they wish they had been taught in law school, you’d be surprised just how random the answers are.

As law students everywhere wrestle with the ins and outs of contract law, criminal law, constitutional law and civil procedure, law school graduates say they could have used a healthy dose of another C-subject: common sense practical skills.

So is the understanding that the role of a solicitor is broader than simply providing good legal advice, says Janan Paskaran, a corporate and securities partner at Torys LLP in Calgary. It may not be taught in law school but anyone who hopes to succeed in corporate law has to understand the needs of their clients, says Paskaran, chair of the Calgary student committee.

"Knowing that you have played a key role in achieving the overall goals of your client, whether on a particular transaction or in a broader context, helps make the long hours worth it.”

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