Public sector assets and deals desirable, says Patrice Walch-Watson in Canadian Lawyer

Mutually Beneficial

March 05, 2012

It could be said the perfect storm has created the ideal climate for private-public sector partnerships and joint ventures to take shape in the last few years. The state of the economy being what it is means two factors at play: pension and other investment funds are looking for solid entities to funnel money into in an attempt to deliver decent returns. At the same time, there are government bodies interested in partnering with the private sector to help them better manage increasingly costly infrastructure projects.

“There are a number of entities with a lot of capital looking to deploy it smartly, and governments around the world have some very highly desirable assets that those financial institutions or pension funds with capital are looking at,” says Patrice Walch-Watson, who believes 2012 will be a year in which governments will be key players in driving M&A in Canada, the United States and around the world.

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