Personality and skills are both important to law students, says Deborah Dalfen in Lexpert’s Law Student and Associate Recruitment Guide

Personality Counts

March 26, 2012

Personality or skills? Which counts more for articling students and young lawyers looking to build successful careers?

"You’ve got to have both," says Deborah Dalfen, the Toronto-based Director of Student Affairs at Torys. "Being a lawyer means that you’re in a people business, so it’s as much about building and developing relationships as it is about technical skills."

So what are the personality traits that fit this bill? "Gregarious is probably an overstatement," says Dalfen, "but we’re certainly talking about people who are well-rounded and engaging and can talk about things other than the legal and business issues at hand. It’s not so much a personality type as an interest in and a desire for new relationships."

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