A heightened recognition of the benefits of what Canada has to offer will lead to increased interest and investment, says Matthew Cockburn in Lexpert

Exploiting Canada's Resources

March 12, 2012

Let's not kid ourselves: Canadian financial services are not the star attraction for foreign investors. It is our natural resources. But post-meltdown, the financial sector has an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of this and make its mark on the global stage.

Matthew Cockburn sees both the opportunity and the present barriers. "For people outside of Canada, there is a heightened recognition of the benefits of this country and what this country has to offer, absolutely," he says. "This will lead to increased interest and investment in Canada going forward." But right after that premise, everything gets, as Cockburn puts it, "squishy." Who will these people or organizations be that will invest, where will they come from and, most important of all, given the overall fragility of the global economy, what money will they invest with?

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