It's hard to claim oil and gas expertise without a presence in Calgary, says Scott Cochlan in Lexpert

Calgary Goes Global

November 07, 2011

What Calgary lawyers have long known – but have not always successfully communicated to their other (read "Bay Street") colleagues: the battle for the survival and global relevance of the Canadian national law firm will be fought, and won, in Calgary.

Even if there is no global merger in the cards – and Torys managing partner Les Viner swears dealing with the Calgary greenfield will be plenty for now – a Calgary presence is critical for getting the global work. "More and more often, as Torys was doing international pitches, people were saying, 'Tell us about your capability in Calgary,'" says Scott Cochlan, one of Torys' founding partners in Calgary. "It's damn hard to claim oil and gas expertise without a presence in Calgary."

It is as simple as that. With the world appetite for energy and natural resources unabated, if there's a trend of global law firm entrants into Canada, the Canadian law firm's Calgary office will be the deal breaker, as much, if not more so, than its Bay Street reputation and presence – and any other offices, pure icing if not unwanted baggage.

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