Fundraising is not so much a legal skill as a people skill, says Mitch Frazer in Precedent

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September 23, 2011

Joining a board is a serious commitment, says Mitch Frazer, a long-standing board member for major not-for-profits like North York General Hospital Foundation. An effective board member is passionate about the cause, dedicates about one to 10 hours a week to the organization  and comes packing skills. If you are being recruited for your legal expertise, make sure the higher-ups at work are aware that you will be providing legal advice.

"Fundraising is not so much a legal skill as a people skill," says Mitch. "There's nothing wrong with telling people what you do." He doesn't advise approaching clients directly about a cause, "but you can make sure they know about your involvement in a charitable board." Mitch asked Torys' social committee to hold its Family Day event at the Ontario Science Centre, where he is a board member. And he invites clients to fundraising events for the charities whose boards he sits on. "Lots of people are looking to contribute to charities  this gives them an outlet."

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