Computer forensic experts required in many cases involving electronic information, says Stuart Svonkin in Law Times

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July 25, 2011

As a result of the vulnerabilities posed by computer security breaches that can compromise entire systems at a large company or law firm, more private investigators have established an expertise in that area. In many cases that end up in court, private investigators also serve as expert witnesses given their growing reputations in the field.

Stuart Svonkin has seen computer forensic issues arise in various ways in his work. Some of the cases he’s aware of involve alleged theft or misuse of electronic information. In those types of cases, private investigators or others with forensic computing expertise often testify as expert witnesses.

"There are other cases in which the dispute is not about computers or electronic information but where you need to understand what happened with an e-mail or some other information on a party’s computer system," he says. "In those types of cases, you may need a computer forensic expert to help you and the client understand the evidence and what it means."

The increased need for expertise is simply a reflection of today’s business realities. "Given the proliferation of computers in all aspects of life, many cases involve electronic information," says Stuart. "In those cases, that information may need to be analyzed or interpreted by an expert who can assist both the lawyers and the court in understanding that information."

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