Torys' M&A Trends report focuses on the legal issues that we see as most germane to M&A activity in 2011, says Patrice Walch-Watson in Law Times

January 10, 2011

It is the time of year when law firms, like most of us, are prone to emulating the Oracle of Delphi.

Unlike most of us, however, law firms tend to put pen to paper and publish their views on anticipated trends for the coming year.

Torys' annual update eschews economic forecasts as a framework for its predictions. Rather, the firm acknowledges the 2010 uptick in M&A activity and positions its views as a caveat to clients about the "rising concerns – some old, some new," about the deal process.

"What are the appropriate limits (if any) on foreign investment?" ask the authors. "Who should ultimately decide whether to sell a company or allow it to be transformed? And if shareholders decide, how do you know that their votes are cast and captured correctly?"

Patrice Walch-Watson says the move away from an economic overview and non-legal business discussion was deliberate. "We decided it was time to freshen up the publication, so we focused on what we know best, which are the legal issues that we see as most germane to M&A activity in Canada and the United States in 2011," she says.

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