When will we follow U.S. on climate change? asks Tyson Dyck in Toronto Star

When Will We Follow U.S. on Climate Change?

December 02, 2010

Canadians can be forgiven for wondering whether Canada is following the United States' climate change direction. Over the past year, former environment minister Jim Prentice routinely rejected suggestions that Canada should go it alone on climate change. For Mr. Prentice, it made economic sense to wait until the United States acted, so that Canadian businesses would not be subject to stricter regulations than their U.S. competitors.

Fast forward to the present: Mr. Prentice has left politics and John Baird has replaced him as environment minister. The United States is weeks away from implementing new permitting requirements for major greenhouse gas emitters. It might be Plan B for the Obama administration, after a comprehensive climate change bill died in the Senate earlier this year. Even so, the United States is taking its first steps toward regulating industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Is Canada following in those footsteps?

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