Water is a hot topic in Canada, says Dennis Mahony in Law Times

Water a 'Hot Topic'

November 23, 2010

Water is something we all take for granted, but the Ontario government is seeking to turn our experience in developing water infrastructure into a growing economic asset.

"Water is a hot topic across Canada, so much so that it's likely to be the next wave of government stimulus," says Dennis Mahony.

In May, Ontario introduced the proposed Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act, 2010, aimed at three key outcomes:

  • making Ontario a leader in developing new technologies for water conservation and treatment, domestically and internationally
  • creating an integrated approach to water infrastructure planning to achieve long-term sustainability
  • helping Ontarians to use water more efficiently


"The legislation is not long on details and only represents the thin edge of the wedge of government policy," says Dennis. "The intention was to make water policy a subject of pre-election discussion, and if the Liberals are re-elected, to take their success as an endorsement of the principles of the act."

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