Pembina Institute's call for a C$200/t carbon tax in British Columbia is unrealistic, say Dennis Mahony in Carbon Finance

British Columbia Needs $200/t Carbon Tax – Pembina

September 22, 2010

British Columbia's carbon tax, which took effect on July 1, 2008, is scheduled to increase to C$30 per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2012, from C$20 at the present.

But the province's carbon tax needs to rise to about C$200 per tonne by 2020 to effectively help curtail global warming, says the Pembina Institute. Its recommendations state, "A carbon tax needs to be applied to each tonne of carbon dioxide at a price that is high enough to close the gap between the costs of clean and dirty energy and to encourage rapid investments in clean energy solutions. This gap is still wide in many cases."

"I don’t think anyone expects the B.C. government to react with an 'Ok, that makes sense to us,'" says Dennis Mahony. "No politician who wanted to continue to hold office would introduce it."

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