LAWS gives students important skills and experience, says Miriam Levin in Canadian Lawyer 4 Students

Program Lets Articling Student 'Give Back'

May 05, 2010

What may not be known about Torys is the fact that it participates in a unique mentoring program through the University of Toronto's Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS) program.

Miriam Levin, a student-at-law with Torys and a recent graduate of U of T's law school, is a LAWS mentor.

"I think this program is really important for young people, both women and men, because it gives them the opportunity to see what it’s like to work in a professional environment," says Miriam. "It also provides them with a person to talk to – someone who’s not their parents, not a teacher, but someone they can talk to about their personal and professional goals, and what they want to accomplish in university. Having someone to provide advice, someone who already has a bit of experience, is really important."

The monthly LAWS sessions at Torys are usually an hour and a half long. The first hour is spent on group discussions and activities with mentors and mentees. The final half hour sees each pair meeting one-on-one to allow students to ask questions that they might not be comfortable asking in a group setting.

"As a group, we do a lot of fun and educational activities – the students love them," says Miriam. "Torys is lucky to have Frank Iacobucci, a former justice of the Supreme Court, serving as counsel to the firm," she adds. "He chatted with the students about his journey to the Supreme Court, and about how a teacher of his inspired him to pursue law. The students really enjoyed that session."

This article originally appeared on the Canadian Lawyer 4 Students website.

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