Canadian financial institutions and pension funds well positioned for M&A activity, says Philip Brown in Financial Post

Canada shines in M&A deals

February 17, 2010

The value of cross-border deals – where Canadian companies bought foreign firms – rose 94% in 2009, according to a recent Paul Weiss study. That produced 566 deals worth US$37.09-billion.

By way of comparison, cross-border activity involving US companies buying foreign firms was down 35%. Canada had the largest proportional gain, with the Netherlands a distant second, up 59%. Hong Kong and Signapore were also up among the top 10 acquiring countries.

"Our financial institutions are incredibly well positioned," said Philip Brown. "We should see more of the retail-based acquisitions we've seen in the past."

Pension funds also appear to be on a bit of a hiring spree. "Canadian funds are recruiting many more investment advisers than US or European funds are," says Philip.


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