The legal profession brings the ability to make a difference, Mitch Frazer tells Western Law School's graduating class

June 17, 2009

Mitch FrazerOn June 12, Mitch Frazer addressed the University of Western Ontario Law School's 2009 graduating class. Himself a 1999 graduate of the school, Mitch congratulated the students and encouraged them to persevere in spite of the difficult economic times.

"Almost 10 years ago to the day, I was in your seat, looking forward to the next big phase of my life," he said. "I can tell you that no matter what direction you go in, the next ten years will be the most transformational and, with a little effort, exciting time of your life."

Mitch also discussed the responsibilities of the profession. "The legal profession comes with status, and with status comes responsibility," he said. "The ability to make a difference is usually within our reach, and when it is not, the personal and professional stretch is almost always worth the effort. The stretch can be as simple as opening a door — both literally and metaphorically — for someone in need."

"You have worked hard, sacrificed much, and likely overcame obstacles to be here," he added. "Enjoy this moment, you earned it."

Read the full text of Mitch's speech here.

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