examines Patricia Koval, Tyson Dyck and Michael Pickersgill's article, "Climate Change Disclosure Heats Up"

The Emerging Climate Consciousness: Public Company Disclosure and Beyond

June 26, 2009

Corporate Governance Quarterly's spring 2009 issue features "Climate Change Disclosure Heats Up" by Patricia Koval, Tyson Dyck and Michael Pickersgill. The article discusses public company disclosure pertaining to exposure to "climate risks". This broad category includes such matters as

  • how climate change affects a company's profitability
  • the opportunities and challenges that climate change presents to a company
  • what actions a company should take in anticipation of upcoming climate change-related regulations (e.g., the anticipated mandatory cap-and-trade system on greenhouse gas emissions)


In the legal blog, Michal Jaworski comments on this "excellent article". Read his full review here.


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