BanPeel wins Torys LLP Patent Award

June 01, 2009

Members of Torys' Intellectual Property Practice presented the first-ever Torys LLP Patent Award to Adeel Ranjha and Irfan Malik of Emery Collegiate Institute at an award ceremony on May 29.

Torys created the award to promote the importance of careers in science among youth – together with partners Visions of Science Network for Learning, Pro Bono Law Ontario, Pathways to Education Canada, the Ontario Justice Education Network, Sci-Tech Ontario, Ryerson University and The Brian Morgan Memorial Fund.

The winners were selected from a group of 45 secondary school students from six GTA high schools. Their invention, the "BanPeel", was chosen as most innovative in the First Annual Tomorrow Now High School Science Fair. The BanPeel is used to peel a banana without having to touch the banana – an ideal device for banana vendors who are required to peel bananas quickly and safely.

The winners will receive free legal services from Torys' Intellectual Property Practice in applying for a Canadian patent for their invention. If the patent is awarded, it will be the sole property of the student award winners.

Congratulations to Adeel and Irfan, and to all of the students who participated.


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