Torys places first in U of T's annual Survey of Toronto Law Firm Recruiting, says Ultra Vires

April 10, 2007

Torys claimed victory as the law firm with the best recruitment process in 2006, according to hiring statistics compiled by Ultra Vires, the independent student newspaper of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

Torys led the way in every category. The 101 second-year law students who responded to the Survey of Toronto Law Firm Recruiting were asked to evaluate firms' performances in the areas of OCI, call-backs, events and levels of respect shown to students.

“Everybody participated in a way that is meaningful and made a difference,” says Deborah Dalfen, Torys' Director of Student Affairs. The process, she says, is "a logistical challenge trying to get everybody meeting with people they think they would be most interested in meeting. We want diversity of gender, school diversity, diversity of interests, [and we] spend a lot of time trying to match students with people they would be most interested in.”

Torys’ recruitment process began with 800 CVs and was eventually whittled down to approximately 180 interviews, 60 call-backs and 17 hires, 8 of whom were from U of T.

Torys' performance this year resulted in part from the firm’s focus on making the experience fun, says Deborah: “I think it has to be fun for the students, it has to be interesting and they have to come away with a feeling about the firm that is going to make them want to come to the firm. I think that morale at the firm is very high. People are excited to be here and I think that maybe comes across in the interview process and that sort of rubs off on people.”

Torys is "the only firm that truly made me feel like I was on their level," reported one respondent.

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