Torys Polishing its Presence in the Big Apple

March 14, 2005

As virtually all of Canada's major business law firms grapple with the challenge of providing a legal bridge to clients involved in cross-border business, Torys' expansion in the United States is drawing praise from both clients and competing firms. The most tangible endorsement comes from Alf Peneycad, vice-president, general counsel and chief compliance officer of Petro-Canada: Torys’ “seamless one-stop-shopping for legal advice was a big part of the allure” when the company retained Torys as its Canadian and U.S. adviser in its 2004 C$3.2-billion share offering—the largest in Canadian history. Adds Mr. Peneycad: “Using both the Toronto and New York offices benefited Petro-Canada both financially and from an efficiency point of view.”

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