November 2, 2022

Eileen McMahon inducted into Canadian Marketing Healthcare Hall of Fame

Partner and chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property and Food and Drug Regulatory practices Eileen McMahon has been inducted into Canadian Marketing Healthcare Hall of Fame. The ceremony happened on November 2 as a part of the 16th Annual National Pharmaceutical Congress.

The Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame awards honour healthcare marketers from across Canada who are key influencers and contributors to the industry. Eileen is one of nine industry personnel inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.

In sharing her thoughts on being inducted into the Hall of Fame with the association, Eileen said it was the opportunity to leverage her Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Biochemistry through working with early Canadian biotechs in the IP and drug regulatory area that kick started her career.

“The reason [Pharma] is so rewarding for me is that you are working on the latest and greatest in terms of innovation,” Eileen said.

“Pharma should be the darling of the world right now, because of the incredible inroads it’s made with vaccines and ability to bring innovative products to the market so quickly. I’ve been honoured to have been involved with this industry.”

Her storied career has been underpinned by a sense of resilience.

“We all have bad days, where you go home with your tail tucked between your legs, and you’re thinking, ‘Can I do anything right?’ But it makes you resilient, you dust yourself off, you learn from it, you become better, and your family still loves you and your friends still love you.”

“I was told early in my career, ‘You’ll never make it on Bay Street.’ Well, how wrong was the person who told me that?”

You can read Eileen’s full interview here.

Four Torys lawyers stand in a line induction ceremony
From left, Torys lawyers Denise Ramsden, Hall of Fame inductee Eileen McMahon, Michelle Nelles and Yolande Dufresne at the awards ceremony on November 2. 

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