October 4, 2021

Vaccine Hunters Canada talks with Torys’ pro bono team on carrying out their vision

Vaccine Hunters Canada’s mission—to help Canadians find vaccines—involved groundbreaking work that needed to be executed with urgency. Torys provided pro bono legal advice to Vaccine Hunters Canada as they sought to mobilize and begin rolling out their service to the Canadian public.

In this video, members of the Torys’ pro bono team who advised Vaccine Hunters Canada, Josh Morry and Nic Wall, discuss with Sabrina Craig (Director, Vaccine Hunters Canada) and Eric Herscovich (PM and Lead Frontend Developer, Vaccine Hunters Canada), on some of the key legal and business issues, including privacy considerations, that they faced as part of their journey in helping the country get vaccinated.

Vaccine Hunters Canada and the Torys pro bono team

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