Spotlight on Québec law
Organizations doing business in Québec need to stay on top of legal developments in the province to be able to mitigate risks in all aspects of their operations. In our Spotlight on Québec law video series, lawyers from our Montréal office cover the latest developments in corporate law, consumer protection and privacy and discuss new trends in litigation and class actions.

Featured video: New warranty and repair obligations for consumer goods

Many consumer products in Québec, such as electric appliances, cell phones and computers, will soon be covered by enhanced warranties of good working order and repair under recent changes to the Consumer Protection Act. In this video, Matthew Angelus and Karl Boulanger discuss the new requirements that will apply to merchants and manufacturers, including:

  • The ban on planned obsolescence and other techniques that may render it challenging for consumers to repair goods
  • The scope of the new warranty of good working order, including new disclosures for the benefit of consumers
  • The new presumption of liability for directors and officers of organizations in breach of these new requirements

Click here for a transcript.

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