Procuring and building the digital solution

Torys webinar

October 07, 2020 09:00 - 10:15 EDT

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Understanding the nuances of a digital transformation lifecycle is as important as ever as organizations adapt to operating in a post-pandemic world. This three-part webinar series will take attendees through the end-to-end process of a digital transformation and explain the key components and considerations business leaders should be aware of.

What are the considerations for building a privacy-compliant, ethical digital solution from the ground up? Join Ebad Rahman, Molly Reynolds, Jessica Lumiere and Adam Banack as they focus on the key aspects such as the big drivers for procuring digital technology, the important privacy aspects to consider in building a digital solution, and the ethical considerations when exploring the use of AI.

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9:15 - 10:15 a.m. EDT Presentation

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