Mid-year M&A update published by PE Hub Canada

August 13, 2019

PE Hub Canada featured a mid-year M&A update authored by partners Cornell Wright, John Emanoilidis, Mike Amm, Josh Lavine, Omar Wakil and Stephanie Stimpson, originally published in the Q3 edition of the Torys Quarterly.

In this piece, our team highlights steady Canadian M&A activity in the first half of 2019, which “appears set to continue with a positive economic climate, strong markets and favorable interest rates.”

A small excerpt from the article is below.

Meanwhile, average transactions sizes are getting bigger. Aggregate deal values have been following an upward trend in that same timeframe, and 2019 is expected to compare well with 2018, as the pipeline for the rest of the year remains promising.

Larger deals are driving this trend: so far this year the number of transactions valued in excess of $1 billion has almost reached the same level recorded for all 2018, and there has been a marked rise in deals falling in the $500 million to $1 billion value range.

The Canadian private equity markets also experienced its own surge in larger deal sizes: 12 percent of public company acquisitions by PE buyers were valued above $1 billion. Together with an increase in deals over $500 million the average value of a deal involving a PE buyer has skyrocketed to $485 million, the highest in 10 years.

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