The Brokers' Bible: Canadian Private Placement Policy

January 17, 2018

Partner Janan Paskaran was asked to contribute to “The Brokers’ Bible” – a capital markets guide created by UK law firm Memery Crystal LLP which details private placement laws in 12 different countries.

Representing the Canadian jurisdiction, Janan used his expertise to discuss Canada’s policies for private placements, including stock exchange restrictions and filing requirements for foreign investors looking to do business. Below is an excerpt from the guide:

Foreign issuers can make private placements of securities in Canada without a prospectus if the transactions fall within specific exemptions. The principal private placement exemptions have been harmonized across the country, including an exemption for sales of securities to "accredited investors" (such as institutional investors and high net worth individuals) and an exemption to non-individuals for sales if the cash purchase price for the securities is at least C$150,000. Certain provinces have more flexible exemptions to facilitate capital-raising activities for junior issuers.

For the full Brokers’ Bible, see the attached PDF.

To read Janan’s contribution, see pages 39-41.


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