Dany Assaf comments on foreign investment in Canada, in Toronto Star

Q&A on Foreign Takeovers

December 10, 2012

Q: Why is foreign capital needed?

A: Investment can come from anywhere, but experts say if Canada could have financed everything itself, it would have done so already. China is looking to Canada because it needs of energy resources.

Torys lawyer Dany Assaf, who specializes in foreign investment, says access to capital on competitive terms needs to be available. And global competition is the best way to make sure the cost of capital is the lowest, and the terms are the best, he said, adding, “If there is less competition for something, the price goes up.”

Q: Is this part of a trend of foreign companies coming to Canada, similar to U.S. retailers Target and Nordstrom?

A: Dany sees these cases as related. “It’s the same mindset that people have in retail markets as they do in investment markets,” he said. “Canada is a great place to do business. Our economy and demographics are strong.”

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