"All across Canada we’ve seen significant wind-power developments" says Krista Hill in Lexpert/Report on Business infrastructure insert

The Real Cost of Green Energy

August 31, 2012

You’d be hard-pressed to find too many Canadians who don’t support renewable energy in theory. The real question is how many will support it in practice if it means higher monthly bills?

The cost of energy is a concern for every Canadian business trying to improve margins and ride out the long recession.

The federal government and most provinces continue to subsidize the development of new renewable energy projects that use solar and wind power. But a study released by the Fraser Institute earlier this year puts a sobering price tag on the cost to residents of Canada’s most populous province.


Krista Hill also expects Ontario to grant fewer licences over the next few years, but she says it is also a capacity issue.

“Do I see the number of projects slowing down? Yes, but in part because the targets are being met, and there is only so much of any particular area of power you can put on the grid. So there are transmission constraints.”

Krista says of the new forms of renewable energy, wind power has become the most prevalent.

“All across Canada we’ve seen significant wind-power developments, all assisted by government contracts, and there have been a range of federal incentives as well over the last nine or 10 years.”

She sees a lot of potential in solar power as the cost of panels comes down, although having access to high-voltage transmission lines or municipal transmission lines is key to being able to sell the power to the municipal grid.

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