Learn about Torys’ Legal Services Centre

Our Legal Services Centre (LSC) provides a suite of service offerings that combine tailored technology and process efficiencies while mitigating risk.

Watch this video featuring Chris Fowles and Jessica Lumière to learn about:

  • Transaction support services we offer pre- and post-closing
  • The LSC’s work with Torys’ eDiscovery Services team providing litigation analysis and document reviews
  • Other bespoke solutions the LSC provides, such as Contracting-as-a-Service

Christopher Fowles (00:06): Hi everyone. I'm Chris Fowles, managing partner of the Legal Services Centre in Halifax. I'm joined by my colleague, Jessica Lumière, and we are delighted to be sharing more about what we do at the LSC. Jessica, can you talk a little bit about the LSC's work?

Jessica Lumière (00:21): Sure, Chris, I'm happy to. So, the LSC brings together people, technology and process to help teams across all of Torys’ offices do their work more efficiently. Specifically, we specialize in high-volume, process intensive, or recurring matters, and you can think of us as a kind of innovation hub for alternative ways of optimizing the work we do for our clients.

Christopher Fowles (00:45): That's right. Some examples of the work include providing transaction support such as diligence or reorgs, contract review, and regulatory reviews.

Jessica Lumière (00:56): And we also provide support to lawyers on a host of other special projects that really resist a single definition, but examples have included things like data extraction and automating bulk document preparation, among other high-volume, process-oriented types of work.

Christopher Fowles (01:15): If you think your file could benefit from the type of support the LSC provides, be sure to reach out.

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