Transaction Tips

We know there’s no such thing as a foolproof deal. Our M&A Practice shares its tips on successful dealmaking.

Transaction Tips

The Big MAC in M&A: Hold the Carve-Outs Please

What happens when your order lands on your tray and it doesn’t look like you are getting what you paid for?

Just as you are about to close your deal, you learn that the business you agreed to buy met only half of its projected sales forecasts for the last several quarters and its gross revenues are down almost 10%. Can you declare a “MAC” and walk away from the contract?

Get the full Transaction Tip on MACs here.

How Firm is Your Handshake?: Letters of Intent in M&A

You signed a non-binding letter of intent. Weeks later, negotiations to finalize the deal have stalled, and you’re starting to lose interest in the transaction. Are you obliged to reach a definitive agreement even though your letter of intent says it is non-binding?

Catching the Sandbagger off the Green: Sandbagging in M&A

You are preparing to close an acquisition. Your due diligence shows that one of the seller’s contractual representations about the target is untrue. If you decide to close the deal anyway, can you sue the seller after closing if you suffer a loss?

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