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Mentoring Madness 

Donalee Moulton 

The Lawyers Weekly

October 21, 2011

When the going gets rocky, smart lawyers get more mentoring. Although the current economic climate might have some people thinking it's everyone for themselves, lawyers are finding there are significant benefits in mentoring — for both parties.

Younger lawyers are taking the initiative and seeking more advice from their mentors.

(But) there's no rushing the relationship, said Deborah Dalfin, director of student affairs with Torys in Toronto. "It takes time to build trust. There is a responsibility on both sides to reach out and check in."

"Throwing two people together doesn’t work," says Deborah, who was involved in the redesign of Torys' associate mentoring program. "[But] mentees have to take responsibility and overcome concerns about their mentors being busy. If they have issues, they should raise them.”

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